About "Radio fivetrees"

What is "Radio fivetrees"?

It's a collection of the MP3 downloads made available from the various fivetrees websites, all in one place. You can stream them, or you can download them, as you prefer. You can also construct your own playlists to stream.

Is it legal?

Absolutely. Our whole ethic here at fivetrees is to support independent musicians and artists, so we're not about to get involved in something that rips people off.

All of the music presented here is being made available by the musicians themselves, via their own websites. With a bit of technological magic, and with the musicians' approval, we've just linked them into the "Radio fivetrees" system. If a linked musician publishes a file, it'll appear here too. If the musician deletes the file, it'll disappear here too. There is no file copying involved. The musicians remain in control.

So are you paying those huge Internet broadcasting fees I've read about?

No, no need. A true radio station, rightly, has to abide by a system that provides a revenue stream to the owners of the copyright. In our case, all of the music is provided directly by the copyright holders themselves, with their full approval. We don't have to deal through intermediaries - we deal directly with the musicians.

So, can I download whole CDs for free?

Not unless the musicians provide whole CDs on their websites. In general, they don't - they are providing snippets and bonus tracks as samples of their works.

Why provide free music at all?

Some of the music here may already be familiar to you. But some of it won't - we hope you'll discover some new music and perhaps even buy CDs from the musicians via their fivetrees shops ;). Besides, many of the musicians provide bonus tracks that are only available from their websites - and from "Radio fivetrees".

How about less reading and more listening?

Oh, alright then. Please hit the link below to proceed.

But please come back often - we expect the number of tracks here to grow quite quickly. And remember: all of these are provided by independent artistes who, if you like what you hear, deserve your support.


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